Online Workouts: The New Option You Must Add To Your Center

The ease of spread of the COVID-19 caused the closing of many sports centers around the world regarding to avoid that the crowds would worsen the situation.  
However, even though the strictest quarantine measures were going down in the last few weeks; start again with the normal activity in fitness gyms and CrossFit boxes is still difficult, and as we know, there are significant regulations that we need to follow, especially in the capacity of the athletes per workout.

Therefore, it is time to adapt our fitness gym and start developing online workouts that can help us to maintain the online activity without losing any athlete.
Do you want to know how to do it? At CrossHero we tell you all the details.

Online Workouts: CrossHero and HAH@Home

For the development of online workouts in fitness gyms, at CrossHero we have developed the HAH@Home workout. A free online workout program created by the certified coach of CrossFit Inc., Gabo Merlos from Spain.
This online workout plan that you can use at your fitness gym can be configure automatically and without any cost, both for you and for your athletes. Likewise, you will be able to continue with your other daily workouts without any issues.
All the online workouts that are shared using our HAH@Home programing do not need any special equipment; that means that can be done at home and are easy to perform, giving you the benefits of no injuries.
Besides, this online workout plan was designed especially for the need to stay at home. Since it doesn’t require any special equipment, is also useful for all fitness gyms that aren’t training CrossFit.
So if you are interested in using this free online workout program, just contact us at

What Do I Get If I Choose the HAH@Home Online Workout at CrossHero?

The advantages of using this online workout plan are the followings:

  • You will get a daily workout plan for your gym
  • This workout plan has been designed by a fitness certified coach with 7-year experience in 10 different countries
  • This workout plan is completely free, both for you and your athletes
  • In case that you are already using CrossHero in your gym, you will only need to access to the “Admin” tab, then click in “Workouts” and then add “Auto Programming”
  • Otherwise, if you had never try CrossHero before, you can obtain a free 30-day trial. You just need to send us an email at
  • All the online workouts proposals in HAH@Home at CrossHero are adapted to do it at home and will not require any special equipment

How to Manage the Online Workouts of My Fitness Gym?

At CrossHero you will have multiple options to manage these workouts, being the most used options the social networks; but we want to recommend you an application that we already tried and that we think is very easy to configure, we are talking about Zoom.
Once Zoom is connected to your PC or TV Screen, you will be able to watch up to 25 athletes doing the WOD at our HAH@Home programing at CrossHero.
The main difference among Zoom and other platforms like Instagram Live or Facebook Live, is that with Zoom you can watch all your athletes simultaneously, giving you the opportunity as a coach to talk to them and correct their workout if is necessary. 
This is very important because it will give you the opportunity to teach them some guidelines for the online workout, and especially it will give you also the opportunity to regenerate that group atmosphere that appeared to be ended with the quarantine measures.
Another advantage that Zoom offers you, deepening on what we told you, is that you can configure that your athletes can access a few minutes before the online workout starts for say hi to the others to make a funnier session.
Finally, we want to highlight Zoom because once the online workout is over, you will be able to get a link that you can upload on the calendar of CrossHero. With this, all the athletes that couldn’t join the live workout will be able to click on it and take the online workout once they can.

How to Download Zoom?

If you are interested in this software to use it in your online workouts, we want to leave you the link for download it.
Once that you have chosen this platform, all you have to do is log in to your CrossHero account, then go directly to the “Calendar” and then add the Zoom link on “Notes”. Now all your athletes will see when the live workouts will be available.  
Conclusion, the online workouts have become a real necessity today, and even though the COVID-19 situation is getting better little by little, the truth is that normality life will take some time to arrive.
Therefore, the sooner you adapt your fitness gym or your CrossFit box to these needs, it will be much better.

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