Strategy for reopening your gym or fitness centre

Are you getting ready for the reopening of your sports centre after the sanitary crisis and you don’t know what you should keep in mind to do it succesfully, and avobe all, safely? In this article we explain all the essential keys to achieve it, counting on your sports centre software.

Keys for the reopening with a sports centre software.

1. Control the capacity of your sports centre and the attendance to your classes:it’s important to do an analysis of the type of classes you give in your sports centre and the space you have for them, so you can control the amount of people that are able to book, to ensure the minimum safety distance. This is a very important aspect for the reopening because if the people see that the number of assistants on sports centres is very similar that the one which used to be before the confinement, is possible that they would feel insecure and sign out from your sports centre. Due to this, the software for sports centres you use should allow you the facility to choose the amount of people that can book your classes.

2. Do not forget online classes: between the summer season in some areas and the insecurity people would feel when they restart physical exercise, from CrossHero we recommend you to continue with the online classes that you have been carrying out during the lockdown and you should take them as a complement to the attendance at your sports centre. Remember that on the classes calendar of your sports centre software, you should be able to define if the class you are giving is in person or online, and if it is online, incorporate a link to join the class and to be able to see it afterwards. 

3. Visualise your business data: in the reopening is important to analyse your sports centre data, like the classes with more average bookings. If some of your classes have a bigger volume of bookings than others, you can boost these classes and find an alternative to others that are not working as good as the rest. Besides, you can consult your clients their opinion, to tell you which kind of activities they would like to see in your centre, to develop your business according to the needs and tastes of your clients

4. Give freedom in reservation and cancellation of classes: your sports centre software should let you the freedom to allow your alumns to book or cancel the classes on time enough for other students to sign in. You should keep in mind that we are in an uncertain time and is more probable that there would be a bigger number of cancellations, so it’s important for you to have a waiting list for other alumns to be able to occupy those spots that have been cancelled.

5. Purchase of online memberships: if you have lost clients during the lockdown or you have created different memberships to allow all kind of clients to have a membership in your centre according to their needs, we recommend you, in addition to show them in your centre or in your web page, to add them to the sports centre software you use, to let your clients another way to reincorporate to your gym. The easier this is, the more posibilities you woud have for your clients to come back to your centre. Furthermore, remember that you can inform about these new offers or posibilities, through the App notifications  or your software engagement to facilitate its discovery.

In CrossHero we have been beside the fitness centres we work with, helping them to overcome one of the most difficult times we have lived. Now that lots of centres are starting to reopen, we hope that these advice could help you to restart the correct way in this new normality.

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