Do you lose your gym clients due to a lack of direct contact with them?

COVID-19 has had a tremendous impact on many businesses, but the fitness and exercise industry got hurt, particularly hard. The good news is that technology-forward fitness professionals introduced digital tools to step ahead of the crisis and reach for solutions.  

In our experience, the most critically acclaimed tool, both with live-streaming classes,  was the digital engagement tool, which made it possible for customers, coaches, and owners to stay in touch and keep on building close relations and interaction, despite the COVID isolation. 

How is it that, CrossHero´s report and automatic engagement tools might be, also, useful for you?

Family-run gyms or those that have just launched put a lot of effort into maintaining direct and close relationships with customers, since they know how much it costs to attract a client and how quickly they can get lost. With the same reasoning, those gyms that are larger or have a growth perspective know that it is increasingly difficult to maintain that direct contact and take personal care of the community they built with effort.

On average, a person is usually enrolled in a fitness center for about 7 months. However, those people who say that they feel “at home” in their sports center tend to lengthen their commitment and the number of months of enrollment. Therefore, today in our blog we want to talk about how you can maintain direct contact with the client and turn this into a greater financial benefit.

Learn to read the signs, is your customer happy 

One of the matters you should take into account when managing your client portfolio is to read those signs that become clear indicators that your customer might be losing interest in your gym. Booking. Do you know how many days a person has not booked any class at your gym? Well, this is an important indicator, because if the customer used to book regularly, but suddenly it does not, you should be alerted asap and have the possibility to take action.

 The average occupancy level of a class can help you determine how satisfied or not customers might be with those classes or disciplines. For example, if a class receives very few bookings, or used to have a high rate of booking and suddenly drops, it can be an indicator that there’s something wrong. You should be aware of this type of performance, asap, so you can, again, take action. 

 CrossHero has implemented a statistics section in the App, through which the gym business manager can analyze performance related to customer support and decide, strategically and on time, if there is a need to take action regarding customer retention.

An automatic engagement tool. Automates, appreciable, genuine relationship with the customer. Increases community retention.

CrossHero offers the possibility of automatizing messages with clients in certain situations. For example, if a person has not booked any type of class in your center for 7 days, you can automate the sending of an email by worrying about their situation and asking the reason for this absence. The client will not only see that you care about their assistance but will also be able to answer you personally and receive very important feedback for the client’s retention. 

However, this tool is not only designed to save customers at risk of quitting it also manages to create a strong community today, for the future. Therefore, you can send automated messages in situations such as when a client completes a week of training to congratulate for the effort or if it is their birthday. All these messages will be sent automatically, but they will be signed as you need, even personally to get that direct treatment that we are highlighting in this article. 

Lastly, CrossHero offers you message customization. Therefore, although you can use our recommended and pre-setup ones, you can create and schedule sending the number of -touchpoints- you need or consider appropriate for your business. Everything we design is done for your business growth and for you to use the app intuitively.

Save time, money, grow your community, and sails using CrossHero.


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