3 economical aspects your gym system should have

Economical duties are one of the most tiresome points, but one of the most important in any gym or sports centre. That’s why in the App CrossHero we have some advantages that assist on the progress of these economical duties, being able to automatize most of them. Today we explain the 3 essential economical aspects in your gym system.

Which economical aspects should the gym system of my sports centre have?

1. Billing section: it’s important that the gym system you use has an specific billing section, so you can have a system for the whole process on your sports centre, instead of multiple Apps or softwares. In this section is essential for you to have an invoice record to be able to track those which are paid and those which aren’t paid yet. It’s also recommendable that those billing quantities, paid or soon to be paid, are included in the section so you can see fastly the incomes you have had and those which are pending.

Your gym system should offer facilities for you and your clients, allowing them to pay their memberships as they need, from a transfer to a card payment. These facilities will make your clients to stay for longer in your sports centre if everything they find there, is easiness.

Lastly, willing to include all billing of your fitness centre, your gym system should have an expense section, where you can track the orders or purchases you made for your fitness centre. This would facilitate doing the monthly, quarterly and anually accounts for your business. In fact, having a tax section would facilitate your economical duties you would have with your country’s Administration

2. Billing statistics: once you have control of the global billing of your sports centre in one system, it’s time to verify the condition of your accounts. That’s why your gym system should have a series of statistics that show you your maximum billing, your minimum billing and the historic average billing during an amount of time of your choice

An important aspect we have in CrossHero, and we think is very important for the centres we work with, is knowing, among the different fees they have, which are the most and least sold. This helps having a more global vision of what the client demands and allows the centres to make promotions to boost the most sold or reinforce the less sold.

3. Memberships purchase: lastly, your gym system should allow that your alumns can buy the membership they want in a few clics. This kind of system should be like the receptionist of your centre, facilitating the clients to see the different memberships available in the centre, their characteristics and their price. Besides, you will be able to create different discounts to achieve that your clients purchase the most interesting membership for you.

These are the 3 basic aspects for any sports centre that your gym system should include. However, in CrossHero we work to boost even more these aspects, and in our App you will find other economical benefits like the advantages and offers, so you will be able to offer discounts to your alumns after agreements with other companies, or the posibility to sell products through the App.

Nevertheless, as we believe that the best way to convince yourself is for you to discover all the benefits, we invite you to book a demo of our gym system. Discover it!


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